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Subject: Pipes Digest #293
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                Pipes Digest #293 -- January 13, 2006
   Copyright (C) 2006 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
               Commercial use of any part of contents,
              including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Today's Topics:
        Re: Pipes Digest #292
        pipes, collecting and smoking
        PD 292
        re:Pipes Digest #292
        Re: Pipes Digest #292
        this month's installment

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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 23:32:45 -0700 (MST)
From: alm <???????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #292

I spent a couple of weeks in China in August of 2005 and found that pipe 
smoking has become quite fashionable among the middle classes and above 
there.  I visited a couple of pipe shops in the non-tourist areas of 
Beijing.  They both had a nice selection of European pipes and some 
beautifully carved local productions in the shape of dragons and other 
elaborate scenes.  I purchased a dragon entwined in a cloud and the 
owner thought I was quite mad to spend money on a locally made pipe when 
I could have purchased a European one.  There wasn't much selection of 
tobaccos yet, but I suspect that will change.  Capitalism has hit the 
country hard and almost everyone has a day job and runs a business on 
the side.  I am returning to China next week visiting Xi'an and 
Shanghai.  It will be interesting to see if the same things hold true 

Insofar as an organized group, there used to be Tobacco Action Network 
(TAN) much like the NRA that was sponsored by the Tobacco Institute in 
DC.  It came early in the anti-smoking effort and did not receive much 
support from smokers.  Pipe smokers, in particular, seem to be too 
polite to be confrontational in any way.  The other side still uses TAN 
as a whipping boy.  I suppose if there were enough interest the 
institute might revive it.  They spent a lot of money and effort to get 
smokers to stand up for themselves -- all to no avail.  I still have my 
TAN pins: one a circle that says TAN and the other a gold tobacco leaf. 

Meanwhile, the beat goes on.  Here in California a number of pipe shops 
that have distributor's licenses paid the tobacco tax to a cigar 
importer as per regulations.  After it was all sent to the State, the 
State decided that these shops had to pay the State directly.  They sent 
the money paid for taxes back to the importer and charged the shops 
thousands of dollars they had already paid.  The importer did not return 
the money to the shops and the shops are on the hook.  There was no 
forms in existence for what the State required of the stores, nor any 
instructions that the taxes should be paid the new way.  So, if a shop 
near you in California is forced out of business, you can probably blame 
it on the State Board of Equalization. 

In fact, when California voters passed the last tobacco tax of 40% (I 
think that was the amount) it specified it was for cigarettes.  The 
State took that to mean they could charge anything they liked for any 
other tobacco.  Pipe tobacco got the same treatment and some tobaccos 
went up to 300%.  Now THAT'S where we need an angel to fight what are 
patently illegal taxes.  Small pipe shops can't afford to do that and 
most of the big chains have turned into gift shops filled with porcelain 

I'd like to add a shop to the list on the website.  Racine & Laramie, 
Ltd. is San Diego's oldest shop.  It is in Old Town San Diego State 
Historic Park and the current owner started it in 1969.  It is an 
historic reconstruction of the store that was on the same spot in 1867.  
One of the fellows there, Alexander Kraft, has also started a pipe 
smoking club independent of the store.  The club, which already has both 
men and women members, is hoping to have a premises soon.  Meanwhile, if 
you live in the area, you can call Alexander at the store at 619-291-7833. 

Alijandra Mogilner

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 07:23:49 -0700 (MST)
From: ????????????????????
Subject: pipes, collecting and smoking

Hello friends of the pipe,

Another page of the calendar turned over this January.

It's amazing how time flies forward.

I was concerned that Dr. Steve's digest was so small this time around, so I
thought I would rekindle some interest by surfacing to reveal some personal

My collection is currently 20 pipes, consisting of 1 corncob, 8 meershaums
(to include a Calabash with a meershaum removeable bowl), and the rest are
briars.  Only two briars were around $225, the rest were mostly $75 to
$100.  All are bent shapes except for the corncob.  My favorites are a
freehand Preben Holm and two Petersen bent bulldogs--one with a diamond
shank, the other with a military mount and silver fittings.

I just traded two pipes whose shapes became tiresome for one Radici estate
pipe that is more handsome to me.  I gave away a third pipe, giving me a
collection of 20 pipes, a manageable number that I will continue to smoke
at the current rate of about 4 to 10 times a month.  My favorite mixtures
are English blends with Latikia and Perique, although I will also smoke an
occasional Cavendish mixture.  I don't smoke very frequently because I must
have absolutely no demands for my time.  I must be able to sit and think,
or go to my local tobacconist to chat with whoever is on hand.  Smoking my
pipe must feel like a luxury to me, never a necessity.

By formal training, I am a professional musician (classical guitar and 
flutes), a teacher of yoga and meditation, and an ordained Interfaith Minister.
I hope others among you may contribute to the digest to vent, inform, inquire 
or just keep in touch.

Pipe-warm regards,

Rev. John Giunta

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 08:03:16 -0700 (MST)
From: "???????????????" <???????????????>
Subject: PD 292

I always look forward to Pipe Digest and I was a little disappointed that
the newsletter was so short this month.  So I decided to post.  Here's my
topic:  When I enjoy a pipe the most:  I really enjoy a good pipe in the
evening after a fish dinner.  I will leave the house to throw the trash
out, come back inside and the house will smell of fish.  Even though the
dinner tasted good, I've never been a fan of the fishy aroma.  Nor do I
want to find the aroma unpleasant for M-^Spop inM-^T guests.   So around 8:00,
I'll sit back on the couch and light up my pipe.  It's a kind of ritual.  I
completely relax myself at the moment of ignition.  The enjoyment is
indescribable from the flavors to the aromas.

Another treat is the dancing smoke as it passes over my reading light.  I
find the experience just as hypnotic as watching ocean waves, I never get
tired of it.  Currently I'm smoking a tobacco called M-^SKing's DelightM-^T
it's a house blend at the local tobacco shop, M-^SJohn David, Ltd.M-^T  Most of
the time I enjoy a corn cob pipe.  It's a simple smoking device with just
the right draw of smoke compared to most of my other pipes. 

When do you enjoy a pipe the most?  

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 18:14:30 -0500
From: Brian Bertrand <????????????????????????????>
Subject: re:Pipes Digest #292

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I generally smoke in my car and outside.  Anyone who wants a ride from me,
unless they are allergic or have a small child in tow must cope with the
fact that I will smoke in my car.  So far...no complaints.

Brian C. Bertrand
SKA-Bertran de Saint Jean

"A bear in his natural habitat....a Studebaker."

"Strength tempered by wisdom is honor"
-Personal Motto

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I generally smoke in my car and outside.&nbsp; Anyone who wants a ride from=
 me, unless they are allergic or have a small&nbsp;child in tow must cope w=
ith the fact that I will smoke in my car.&nbsp; So far...no complaints.&nbs=
p; <br clear=3D"all">
<br>-- <br>Brian C. Bertrand<br>SKA-Bertran de Saint Jean<br><br>&quot;A be=
ar in his natural habitat....a Studebaker.&quot;<br>-Fozzie<br><br>&quot;St=
rength tempered by wisdom is honor&quot;<br>-Personal Motto=20


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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 13:12:34 -0700 (MST)
From: "buddy liverman" <????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #292

i love my pipe, i'll never give it up. I smoke outside. I hate cigarets. I 
don't let anybody smoke in my house. I don't smoke my pipe inside anymore. 
but lord outside it is great. it takes a good pipe and some good aromatic 
tobacco. thanks buddy

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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:32:24 -0700
From: Steve Beaty <???????????????>
Subject: this month's installment


	In the hopes of having continuing dialogs, here is the digest.

	Keep those letters coming in.

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