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Subject: Pipes Digest #297
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                Pipes Digest #297 -- May 01, 2006
   Copyright (C) 2006 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
               Commercial use of any part of contents,
              including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Today's Topics:
        Pipe fashionability...
        Post to pipes digest
        NYC Dunhill store
        Re: Dunhill Story.
        Pipes digest Article
        time for another digest...

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Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 15:24:42 EDT
From: ????????????????????
Subject: Pipe fashionability...


I read with some sadness the tale of Mr. Harvey's visit to the Dunhill
store in NYC, my original home town.

I have wonderful memories of learning to smoke a pipe while taking some
prepratory training at Juilliard in 1967 and 1968.  In those days it was
"poverty-while-learning-music, smoking a pipe and aesthetics".  The next
year I was drafted, served my two years without incident, and went back to
study music at the Mannes College of Music in NYC. More pipe
smoking--albeit very occasionally--followed.

Anyway, I agree that more frequent posts will create more frequent digests.

What am I smoking these days?  Some years ago I took some half-started
pouches of various smoke shop house mixtures, all containing Perique and
Latikia, and combined them into one cannister where they have been ageing
all together for about 5 years.  This combination has developed into a very
fine mixture indeed.  The taste is all at once, tangy, sweet, mellow and
virually biteless.  I'm using a cylinrical plastic kitchen container with
an airtight lid that springs into a snug fit. I smoke less than once a week
on the average, so I don't think I will run out of this mixture very

All the best,
John Giunta

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Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 10:08:54 -1000
From: Jon Fia <????????????????????>
Subject: Post to pipes digest

In response to Gary Estes post about where to buy a pipe kit which is
predrilled, I would recommend Mark Tinsky.  He stands behind his products
and uses good briar.

His website is:


Good Luck!


Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 16:11:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gary Estes <???????????????????>
Subject: Re:  Where to smoke

If we all post more, the Digest might become more
frequent again!  I don't remember if I've ever posted
before, likely not, but that can change.

I may have the best of both worlds, as I have a place
to smoke indoors and out without incurring the wrath
of the second hand smoke nazis.  Of course, no smoking
is allowed in the house, HOWEVER I have a wood shop
out back with HVAC and an Delta air-cleaner to
circulate the smoke around.  A perfect situation as
far as I'm concerned.

I'm considering trying to carve my own pipe from a
kit, the ones where the bowl is already drilled and
the stem is already fitted.  The draw hole has to be
just right so I'm a little concerned about that.  Does
any one have any feed back as to which kit suppliers
may be good?

Gary Estes   puff, puff

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Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 16:53:06 -0400
From: "Brad Krones" <??????????????>
Subject: NYC Dunhill store

Dear Friends,
Mr. Jason Harvey's posting from the last issue about the state of the NYC 
Dunhill store was sad news, indeed.  No doubt, the recent crackdown by the 
smoking Nazis in that city was partially to blame for this appalling state 
of affairs.  I had hoped to visit that shrine this summer, but now it will 
have to be London or bust, I guess.  Are there still good pipe shops left in 
NYC, does anyone know?

Brad Krones
Tarpon Springs, FL

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Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 15:54:14 -0500
From: ??????????????????????
Subject: Re: Dunhill Story.

In PD 296, Jason Harvey bemoaned the slipping away of the Dunhill store in NYC.

I have to say, I'm surprised the Dunhill store is still around let alone
still had some pipes to sell...

Here in the Dallas/FortWorth area we had a Dunhill store in one of the
mega-malls. Can't remember which one now, possibly the Galleria or maybe
the North Park mall. I think it's gone. But I do remember being laughed at
when I walked in and asked about tobacco. "Oh no, just the apparel here."
Of course, when I wandered around, I saw some cigars and about 10 Pipes --
all massively over priced, but at that point I was too annoyed to even
consider getting anything.

But we've seen other "Pipe Stores" go the same route: first it's a
maximization of figurines and associated frufru, then it's a gradual
disappearance of the Pipe and Tobacco inventory, then it's a complete
disappearance of the store. Which is interesting because the rationale of
going down the "other inventory" path is to "appeal to a broader audience."

We are fortunate here in DFW to have Stafford and Jones Tobacconist and a
couple of still viable "Up in Smoke" stores. But I'm sure it will come as
no surprise to anyone that the Tobacconist industry is not a thriving one.

Logic aside, it is saddening.

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Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 20:13:52 EDT
From: ?????????????????
Subject: Pipes digest Article

I very much enjoyed reading your story of THE LAST DUNHILL FROM THE NYC 
What a depressing experience that has to of been.  But here's to you for 
going back to make that last purchase. 
What with all the Bangs, and Jess' and No's and Castello's etc, there's 
still Dunhill with it's history and lore. Not much else equals it in the pipe 
world as far as I'm concerned. 
I'm about to travel from my villa in California to chicago for the May pipe 
Extravaganza.  I'll look at a lot of pipes from all over the world, yet I'll 
come back with at least one more White Spotted stem and a craggy bowl to go 
with it.
Thanks for the story,
Michael Edborg

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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 21:26:55 -0600
From: Steve Beaty <???????????????>
Subject: time for another digest...

	...so let's kick it out...

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