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Subject: Pipes Digest #299
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                Pipes Digest #299 -- July 25, 2006
   Copyright (C) 2006 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
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              including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Today's Topics:
        RTDA Show Pipe Review
        B&M demise
        Pipes Digest
        Re: Pipes Digest #298
        Pipe smoking!
        Non-hiring of tobacco users
        Dunhill pipes

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:21:54 -1000
From: ????????????????????
Subject: RTDA Show Pipe Review

Aloha all,

Just got back from RTDA.  Talk about a great time especially if you are a
cigar and pipe junkie like me.  As far as pipes are concerned, it was
wonderful.  I can only imagine what the Chicago Show is like.  Anyway, here
is my mini RTDA pipe report but by no means complete. 

Picked up two beautiful Bekler meers from CAO - an elephant and a reverse
claw.  Asked how is Beklers health.  Was told that he has had two heart
attacks and still refuses to see a doctor!  Wish him the best. 

SMS had some beautiful pipes as usual.  Had some nice Baglans (I think his
Dragons are the best of any carver) and Salims there among others.  Didn't
really get a chance to chit chat with them. 

Got to stop and talk with Steve Monjure with his line of Ardor and Brebbia
pipes.   Every time I see the Ardors they get more and more beautiful.  The
engineering, rustication, stem work and colors are awesome.  Also his usual
full line of tobaccos from Fox, Robert Lewis, Brebbia, and Reiner.  Steve
is a great guy to talk to and is a consummate gentleman.  Will be sure to
add my ardor collection in the future.  I was especially eyeing a light as
a feather 1/4 bent small Rhodesian with a ruby stem...beautiful! 

Met Marty Pulvers and the Gang from R.D. Field and ended up picking up a
beautiful full bent twin bore silk cut brandyish/billard looking pipe.  I
was just minding my own business when Marty Pulvers twisted my arm behind
my back and strong armed me into buying that pipe! LOL   My mistake was not
finding them till the second day of the show and probably half of the
Radices were gone!  However, there still was a very large selection to
choose from.  Marty was a great guy to chat with and I would have loved to
visit his shop in San Francisco someday.  Its a crying shame that he had to
close Sherlock's Haven!  He told me they wouldn't let him smoke in his shop
anymore.  But it wasn't the city but rather the owner of the building.
Evidently some lawyers upstairs complained.  :-(  That aside, he still
plans on being in the pipe business running something on the side where he
can sell pipes.  Sorry I don't have the website at this moment but one of
my bruddahs is going to send it to me. 

Kirsten was there with their line of machined aluminum pipes.  Very 
interesting and will have to give them a try some day. 

Ran into Craig & Patty Tarler as well as Keith Toney of C&D. Drank a Mojito
with Keith.  Patty wanted scotch on the rocks! Wonderful people.  Loaded me
and my buddy down with tobacco samples.  Its going to take me a while to
smoke through all that!  But hey, somebody has to do it! ;-) 

At the pipesandcigars.com booth, there were some interesting finds.  First,
their Hearth & Home Series is now being tinned in 2 and 8 oz sizes. My
favorites so far are Egg Nog and Virginia Spice.  They are also carrying
Mastro Beraldi Pipes hand made by Aldo Pierluigi in Italy. The are
exceptionally beautiful and a wonderful value when you see the reasonable

I spent a good amount of time at the Alberto Bonfiglioli booth talking
story with him.  Again, I made the mistake of seeing him on the second day
of the show.  He had sold his entire inventory with the exception of three
pipes!  The three he had left were beautiful and HUGE!  I couldn't believe
the price especially considering the amount of briar that was used to make
those three pipes.  They are definitely on my must have list and I will be
adding one to my collection in the near future.  I asked him where his
briar comes from and if my memory serves me correct, he gets it from
Greece.  He told my he has amassed a huge inventory of briar that will last
him a very long time at his current pipe carving pace of about 380 pipes a
year.  Good news for us as we can expect well aged briar from him. 

Viparti had some of the best rustication and blasting I have ever seen.
His black pipes with a ring type blast and white stem were making me drool.
He also had some very large pipes with some funky shapes. 

Wondered by the MacBaren booth and scored some HH Syrian to try.  Haven't
tried it yet but it will probably be the first tobacco to go into my new
Radice TB I picked up from Marty Pulvers. 

The McClleland booth was featuring some of their new tobaccos made with
their new Cajun Black tobacco.  It is a Kentucky processed in the same way
as perique.  However it has a wonderful smokey aroma similar to a latakia
but not quite as strong or heavy.  Ill be interested to see how these turn
out.  Had a nice conversation with the guy at Brigham pipes...sorry forgot
his name.  Was very interesting to see their maple filtered pipes.  A
little hard to explain but it is reusable and can be rinsed off.  You can
also pass a cleaner through the pipe as the filter doesn't block the airway
like those 9MM types we are used to. 

Tsuge was there with a line of pipes as well.  Got to talk story with Mr.
Tsuge at the Altadis dinner.  Very nice man!  Do I sound like a broken
record?  I must say those in the pipe business are a cut above many in the
cigar industry.  Not to say there isnt very good people there too but many
of the cigar companies just don't have time for you unless you plan on
dropping some serious coin in the form of orders for them.  All of the pipe
people treated me like an old friend even if I didn't end up buying
anything from them.   

There were a ton of other pipes companies there including Mastro de paja,
Castello, Cristom, Music City, Savinelli, Tim West and many others.  I just
didn't have time to stop at every booth and talk story with them all.
Sometimes they were busy with other customers.  However, from what I could
see at the show pipe smoking is alive and well in the US! 

Even though it is not a pipe or pipe tobacco company, Drew has come out
with a new cigar called the Dark Angel.  Cyprian latakia and perique is
mixed in with the cigar tobacco.  I was gifted a couple by Steve Saka and
am interested to see how they are. 

On another note, if you ever make it to Vegas you owe it to yourself to go
to Del Friscos Steak House on Paradise.  Best steak I ever had!  Not only
is smoking allowed but encouraged there even at the table. 

Im sure I forgot some things as that is my nature.  Perfect example..Lost
my cell phone in a cab my first night!  Long story short...Got it back
after 80 bucks in cab fare and running around between 4 different casinos.
Talk about being lucky! 



[ Thanks for the great report! ]

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:49:32 -0400
From: <?????????????????????>
Subject: B&M demise

I too am most saddened by the closing of so many pipe shops in this
country.  I hear the regular argument that we as pipe smokers don't support
the local Pipe Shops and We prefer to do business over the internet.  I
have a suggestion...  What is wrong with our Shops doing business by both
outlets, my shop does.  Even though it is not the leader in Internet sales
it does OK,  its owner when asked how's business is his reply, is its doing
fine to the point I am not going out of business.

Is there a message in this?

Reube Jones 

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 18:26:13 EDT
From: ??????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest

As an original subscriber and regular reader, I feel remiss in not
submitting an earlier post.  To paraphrase the late President Richard
Nixon, if we're going to keep Pipes Digest alive, we need to hear from the
great "silent majority."

I am the proud owner of a Charatan's Make Supreme S, (#100, FH); and a
slightly smaller Charatan's Make Supreme S, (no number, FH).  Both of them
are straight-grained and were probably made in the late '60's or early
'70's in London.  I had a third one, but I traded it to a tobacco shop
owner in Kennewick, WA, for a CAO meerschaum and a pound of coffee beans.

I bought all three pipes (drum roll) for $35 from a rather eccentric pipe
smoker in Eugene, OR who was selling his Charatan collection because he was
switching to meerschaums.  I have no idea what they are worth now.  I fire
them up about once a month and they still smoke great!

BTW -- The August 2006 issue of Los Angeles magazine has an excellent
short article on 97-year-old Ed Kolpin Sr., the founder and owner of the
Tinder Box, along with a picture of him holding a pipe. (Pages 46-47.)
I've been to his shop on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica and it truly is
like stepping back in time -- about 75 years back!  I'm sure Ed will be
happy to supply anyone who has a need for anything nicotine; he's been
doing it since Prohibition and plans to continue even if California enacts
a new tobacco tax.

With people like Ed on our side, we aren't done yet!
Wayne Whitehead
Northridge, CA

[ Thanks for being not-so-silent! :-) ]

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 21:21:43 -0400
From: ???????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #298

    i live in maryland and try like crazy to support local shops of which
there are only five if i add in baltimore (35 mile drive) and one of the 5
has a number of stores in the area. i agree with you but up to a point. the
store that has a number in the area is run by two brothers, the first is
pipe dumb and uninterested and the second is pipe interested but less so
over the years. it is all about cigars. they have cut the selection by over
half, discontinued pease blends (because they don't sell but they never had
much to begin with) and the prices are in most cases over 50% higher than
online. i understand they have bricks and mortar, ya da ya da but if i know
more than the employees, i can't get respectful service and have to pay 50%
more i will shop online everytime. just my circumstances.

vic seested

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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 06:11:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gerald Rozanski <????????????????????>
Subject: Pipe smoking!

I have been enjoying the pipesmokers postings here and decided to post
also.  I have been smoking a pipe for over 50 years.  We still have two
good pipe shops here in the Buffalo, NY area so I feel pretty lucky.  The
things that are really sad is the loss of the old time tobacco mixtures,
both aromatic and non-aromatics.  You could tell what a fellow was smoking
just by the aroma.  The price of pipe tobacco here in NY is highway robbery
and there is really nothing we can do about it.  I try to support my local
shops and still do business with shops on the internet.  Pipe smoking is
one of my few pleasures and I will not do without.  Enjoy your site and
keep up the good work.  Looking forward to more good reading.


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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 08:42:53 -0400
From: "Sue Ann Wolff" <??????????????????????>
Subject: Non-hiring of tobacco users

Regarding Matt Tessman's post in Pipe Digest #298 about boycotting companies 
that will not employ tobacco users, I've got a story for you.  Here in 
Pinellas County, FL, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department will not hire 
anyone who has used any tobacco product in any way in the six months prior 
to their submitting an employment application.  I've complained about this 
absurd rule to several deputies (personal friends of mine) and have made the 
comment that over the last six months, I have had many opportunities to 
choose between drinking alcohol and driving or enjoying an adult pleasure of 
a cigar or pipe and each time I have made the mistake of choosing the adult 
pleasure of tobacco (okay, most times I've also enjoyed an adult beverage 
along with my leaf...).  I've gone on to point out that I would have had a 
better chance of being hired by the department had I just chosen to drink 
and drive.  Of course, then I would have been taking a chance of being 
arrested by an overweight, out-of-shape, donut-eating-but-non-tobacco-using 

The world is going to hell in a handbasket...

Sue Ann Wolff
Dunedin, FL

p.s.  To any law enforcement officers out in PD world, I mean no offense 
with the above-used donut-eating comment.  I use it as an extreme example 
simply to make my point.

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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 11:02:27 -0500
From: "Judson Mitchell" <??????????????????>
Subject: thepipesearch.com


I'd like to let you all know about my new site The Pipe Search.  It's a
portal site for all things relating to pipes and tobaccos.   It's brand new,
so any comments or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and thanks to Steve for keeping this list alive!

Judson Mitchell

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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 22:46:59 +0100
From: "Bill Bailey" <??????????????????????>
Subject: Dunhill pipes


There has been much discussion of Dunhill pipes in your digest from time 
to time.  I live in London and have known several pipe makers here 
during my 40 years of residence.

To be blunt, there is nothing left of Dunhill pipes but the white spot.  
The current ones are made in Spain of Spanish briar and are shipped here 
to be stamped and boxed.  The Dunhill of old is long gone.  The name now 
is a mere marketing banner under which various merchandise is sold at 
inflated prices.  In the past Dunhill made some fine pipes, but they are 
no more.  In my view they were always overpriced.

Alongside the old Dunhill shop in Jermyn Street were also two other pipe 
makers.  Charatan and Astleys.  Charatan (and Comoy's and GBD) were 
bought out by Cadogans, and therefore bear little resemblance to 
originals.  Astleys were bought by James Upshall, who still makes pipes 
today created by renowned craftsman Barry Jones.  Jones once made pipes 
for Astleys, as well as Dunhill.  There is no shop for James Upshall, 
but you can find their pipes advertised on eBay.  I have three James 
Upshall pipes, and, to my mind, they are the best pipes I have ever 
smoked.  They are not cheap, but then neither were the best Charatans or 
Comoy's or GBDs of the 1960s.  Some of them are, quite frankly, works of 
art.  Beautiful to hold, wonderful to smoke.  Their seconds grade is 
called Tilshead, and they usually have very slight flaws.  Nevertheless, 
they smoke as just as well as the higher grades.  These pipes are made 
from very high quality Grecian plateaux briar carefully aged up to 100 
years.  It is a sweet smoke from a very hard briar, much superior to 
Algerian, Spanish or Italian stock.

Let me hasten to add that I am not in any way connected to the company.  
I am just laying out my honest views, particularly for those longing for 
Dunhills of old.  My answer?  Try James Upshall.  You will not be 

Bill Bailey

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