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Subject: Pipes Digest #301
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                Pipes Digest #301 -- August 28, 2006
   Copyright (C) 2006 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
               Commercial use of any part of contents,
              including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Today's Topics:
        Winter Reading
        digest time

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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 21:16:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: DWW <?????????????????>

  I've had several interesting experiences in my local
tobacco store. I've gone there inquiring about some of
McClelland's Frog Morton blends and the Premium
Aromatic series. They don't carry the Frog 'On The
Bayou' and have 5 of the 6 'Premium Aromatic' series.
I asked about it and they tell me "you can get those
on the Net, ya know". 
  True, I say, but I'd rather support a local merchant
and show support for their shop. I must point out that
all of the previous staff I knew have vanished and a
new crowd is there. I ask for blends, they're not in,
but "our truck comes in on Wednesday. We can give you
a call". I've left my number three times and am still
waiting for that first call. This has been going on
since Easter.
  I'm begging to put money in their register and they
tell me I can get it on the Net ... so now I'm doing
so and haven't been out of any Frog Morton blend
since. Just about all I buy there anymore is pipe
  By the way, I enjoy 'Pipes Digest' a great deal and,
without exception, every installment is informative
and interesting. Thanks for a job well done!

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 22:02:57 -0400
From: "K. Nicholas Miller" <??????????????????>
Subject: Winter Reading

Greetings all!!!  I've been a member of the list for a few years now but
this is the first year that I'll be in my own house, with a fireplace and
good chair, for the winter.  I've got my favorite pipes at the ready and am
working on laying in a variety of tobacco for what I hope is a cold and
snowy winter.  I wanted to survey the list for a collection of good fiction
books for the winter that at least reference pipes.  I've read all of
Sherlock Holmes but that's about it...  Can anybody lend me a hand with some


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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 22:46:00 -0600
From: Steve Beaty <???????????????>
Subject: digest time


	let's kick this one out.

	discussion question: what was your first pipe?

	me: "Barontini" purchased in a mall in Colorado Springs, for
	reasons that still escape me.  great learners pipe, have it right
	here in my hands...  i guess it helped start my love for Italian

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